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"Not everything that limps is a comparison ..."


But there are quite a few things, especially when it comes to comparisons that you can't really make. If you shouldn't compare apples with pears, then you shouldn't do it with Charging stations & charging cabinets do. "Why not, are they both the same thing?" Far from it, to be allowed to call itself a charging station, the classic charging cabinet lacks pretty much everything - let's take a look at what exactly.


Convenient and safe


This is how we imagine charging our e-bikes. Convenient and safe, we don't want to think too much about how to get the right dose of power into our bike at the right time. That's why charging has to be safe and convenient. These are two things that a charging cabinet struggles with; there is no question of convenience if you have to carry your home charger with you, and safety is not a good thing either, as home chargers are not intended for outdoor use.


The consequences can be far-reaching, from Loss of warrantyif you plug your home charger into any charging cabinets, up to the danger of Electric shockswhen you have to charge your e-bike in bad weather. And that does happen, it is not uncommon for weather changes to be used for stopping and charging. But what can a charging station do better than a charging cabinet? That's a good question and we want to go into this in more detail below.


E-bikes continue to develop ...


... and that's why charging stations also need to evolve, which is often not the case with charging lockers. Modern e-bikes usually have permanently installed batteries that can often no longer be removed from the bike, so charging in the charging cabinet is not an option. As the performance of e-bikes increases, so do the size and shape of the batteries, and charging cabinet hobbyists don't seem to be prepared for this either. If a battery can be removed from the bike, it is highly unlikely that it will fit into the charging cabinet and the charging process will be over before it has really started. We can see one killer criterion after another and we realize that charging at charging lockers is really not a very good idea. We hope that not many e-bikers with empty batteries rely on faultless charging processes at charging cabinets, because most of them simply won't have this experience!

The call for quality


It would be wrong to believe that the high quality standards that e-bikers demand of their sports equipment do not extend to charging. This is understandable, as e-bikes are sophisticated sports equipment with top technology inside and usually high 4-digit figures on the price tags. So it stands to reason that owners of these e-bikes don't want to charge them everywhere. Safety is also an important component here, or do you know any e-bikers who simply lean their sports equipment against a house wall without locking it properly? Parking or locking systems with integrated charging stations are rightly the only "stations" that have a raison d'être for parking and charging high-priced e-bikes. Not only do they look good, customer-branded parking facilities convey competence, give every e-bike the space it deserves and make the charging process convenient and safe. A tin can on the wall and a wheel-killing bike rack from the 1980s in front of it convey neither quality nor safety - due to a lack of frequency, these will be overgrown beyond recognition by nature reclaiming their space in the future - and that's a good thing!


Magic word: charging infrastructure


So what can be done to give the e-bike its rightful place and give the e-biker a feeling of quality and safety? Quite simply, there is NO way around a professional, qualitative and strategically positioned Charging infrastructure over!

Let's get to the point: charging stations from bike-energy are not just simple stations where you plug in and charge your e-bike. They are never simply located on the wall of a house, Location and position are always part of a comprehensive charging infrastructure concept, which is meticulously developed in cooperation with the client and in which all components interlock - and that's what it's all about if you want to appear professional.


Reasons in favor of a charging station from bike-energy speak:

1) To use it, you must none You don't even need your own cable, as this is available at the station.

2) The charging stations are weatherproof to 100% and can be used in all weather conditions.

3) Batteries do NOT need to be removed from the e-bike in order to charge them.

4) The charging speed is higher than at home, which is actually often secondary, because

5) bike-energy Charging stations are always integrated into a strategic concept in terms of location and position. InnsCafés, hotels, restaurants, etc. benefit from the breaks taken by e-bikers and generate revenue - BECAUSE the e-bike battery is usually full faster than the plate of food ordered is empty!



Time for a CONCLUSION:


With charging stations such as those from bike-energy nothing is left to chance. They are strategically planned, qualitatively manufactured and perfectly positioned. As the market leader, we can look back on years of experience in this field. The situation is usually different with charging lockers, which are made at home by hobbyists and people who take neither their clientele, i.e. e-bikers, nor their high standards of quality and high-tech sports equipment seriously. The future does not belong to these systems and they already look as if someone has simply forgotten about them hanging on a wall!


  • bike-energy Charging stations are SAFE
  • bike-energy Charging stations are BEQUEM
  • bike-energy Charging stations LOOK GOOD
  • bike-energy Charging stations are PART OF A BIG WHOLE


And it is this big picture that accounts for the high number of hits on bike-energy charging stations explained. Our tourist-motivated charging infrastructure concepts fit perfectly into the positioning of large Tourism regions, Excursion destinations, Sporting goods retailer, Hotels etc. on. More and more regions are recognizing the great potential of e-bike tourism and, fortunately, the trend from the winter is continuing here: uncompromising quality, structure and success - anything else will not last long on the market!


Requests via the comment function

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12 thoughts on “Ladeschränke vs. Ladestationen”

    1. Hello Herbert,

      Thank you for your request. We will send you all the information you need. Please use the contact/enquiry form or send a message directly to Your request will be processed immediately.

    1. Hello Mr. Englram,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      We will send you all the information. For further inquiries please use our contact / inquiry form or send an e-mail directly to
      News and blog comments are generally not processed immediately.

  1. Unfortunately, these charging lockers or boxes can be found very often, even in areas of very well-known tourist resorts that advertise mountain biking a lot.

    I'm always very happy when I come to a hut on my tours and find the yellow-green bikeenergy charging stations. As these are also easy to find online, I head for these places whenever possible and the host is happy to have one more guest.

    1. Hello Mr. Valenta,

      You are right. Unfortunately, simple sockets and cabinets are still advertised as fully-fledged charging stations, which can mislead the user. Unfortunately, many landlords don't know any better.
      We are delighted that you like our charging solutions so much!

  2. Eduard J. Belser


    What is still missing from the BikEnergy range is an inexpensive charging station for private indoor use/private bicycle parking at a price of around EUR 500 for simple plugging into any earthed socket.

    With best regards
    E. Belser
    e. Belser

    1. Dear Mr. Belser,

      Thank you for your information. In this price segment, we can currently only refer to the home charger.

      Best regards bike-energy Team

  3. We have a very dense network of Bike Energy charging stations in the Miltenberg district.
    The weak point in this project is the availability of charging cables. Often the restaurant or store where you want to borrow a charging cable is closed or has a day off. We have now bought our own cables and are on the safe side. Unfortunately, the cables are not exactly cheap.

    1. Dear Mr. Fuchs,

      Thank you for the valuable information. The charging cables are handed out for hire directly at the charging station (if the operator so wishes) and are also available from specialist dealers and online. Due to the technology used in the charging cable, it is not yet possible for us to sell at a lower price. However, we are working on being able to sell the charging cable at a lower price in the future.

      Best regards Your bike-energy team

  4. Peter Berggreen

    Your charging stations are a good idea - if they work:
    Two examples: The day before yesterday in 91154 Roth, the famous triathlon city:
    District office: Staff said there was no charging station - but there was one. Then there was no employee to be found who was responsible for the cables. Closed from Fri. 12:00 to Mon.
    District hospital: Friendly lady at the information desk, who had three cables - but none of the most common Bosch standard!
    So continue with muscle power.
    My suggestion: The charging stations should also be maintained - just putting them up and advertising them is not enough!
    MfG Peter.
    I do not hope that the lack of availability of rental cables should "blackmail" consumers into buying a - disproportionately expensive - cable. See the previous article by Mr. Fuchs.

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your experience.
      You may think that bike-energy operates the charging stations. This is not the case. The operator (our customer) is responsible for the care and maintenance of the charging station. He/she decides whether the charging station is in operation, whether there are cables to borrow and so on.
      The presence or absence of charging cables at the station has nothing to do with compulsory purchase! This is a decision made by the operator.

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