Why bike-energy?

Many reasons speak for the market leader from Salzburger Land

Over 10 years ago, we set out on a journey into the future of active mobility. It was clear to us at every point of our journey that e-bikes had a great future. So we started to create the best infrastructure needed for e-bike mobility, in leisure, everyday life or on the job.

The charging cable - the lowest common denominator

We have thought, considered and above all one thing: listened very carefully when the Target group #1 - the e-bikers -. have talked about wishes and benefits! The key is the charging cable! The connection between e-bike and charging station must be intuitive, technically flawless and above all comfortable. For each battery type we supply the appropriate charging cable, pocket-suitable, intended for outdoor charging, safe and up to 2 x faster.


The future needs a market leader

And that's who we are. bike-energy didn't start out as the market leader, but we have earned this status because we are certain that the future needs e-infrastructure for active mobility - and this takes on great importance in future mobility. The further development of technology does not happen by chance. We cooperate with innovative manufacturers of batteries and e-bikes and take a close look at where the journey is heading. This means we are perfectly prepared for the future of those markets that are important to us.

With (e-)nergy towards the future

We don't need to explain that the future of bicycle tourism is bright. But where exactly is the journey heading? The e-bike is evolving from a pure sport and leisure device to a total mobility solution that has immense positive effects on tourism regions and providers of tourism infrastructure. Guests who travel on vacation without their own car have a basic mobility need, and you should satisfy it!

Therefore bike-energy

Short lecture by Peter Schitter

about the potential of an e-bike infrastructure

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Rupert Stranger

Rupert Stranger

Owner | Managing Director Production

Peter Schitter

Peter Schitter

Owner | Managing Director Sales

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