E-bike charging stations

Welcome to the future of e-bike mobility. What do you think of when you hear the word e-bike charging station? CORRECT: of the advantages of uncomplicated charging outdoors, at a rest area, at a bike parking facility and without the need to carry home chargers!

Depending on the model, e-bike charging stations from bike-energy can charge several e-bikes at the same time. They are supplied ready for installation. The TOWER, POINT and LINE models can therefore be quickly and easily installed free-standing or on a wall. Our charging stations are designed for outdoor charging and make charging in public spaces a convenient affair.

All e-charging stations are Can be expanded with different functions and modulesSwitching on and off with key or app, special foiling in company design, USB port, additional socket and much more. 

Charging stations with "open standard"

What please means open standard? Quite simply, it means that you can charge all common e-bike brands with the right charging cable, regardless of which drive your e-bike is equipped with. And where can you get the right charging cable for your e-bike? Simply with our Charging Cable Finder.

TECHNOLOGY Info: Intelligent charging process with battery-saving effect

bike-energy protects the battery of your e-bike to the maximum during charging. Each docked battery is charged exactly with the original charging protocol of the manufacturer.

During the first phase, the charging station charges slowly, and in the last phase, the feed is rapidly reduced. This provides maximum protection for the battery and extends its service life.

INTERESTING: E-bike batteries, which are suitable for fast charging, are charged up to 2 times faster than conventional!

Battery management: gentle charging

3 model series


E-charging station TOWER TOWER

bike-energy TOWER for E-Bikes

Successfully market charging stations

Stainless steel column

Provides a high signal effect


Optional with company logo and colors

E-charging unit 

For e-bikes, e-cars, arbitrarily expandable

Optional charging cable cabinet

With charging cable for all e-bike brands

Base plate

For easy set up, like a gastro umbrella

E-charging station POINT


Optional special foiling with own colors and logo

Connection for E-car with 11/22 KW

The electric car can be charged simultaneously with e-bikes.

Two e-bike charging bushes

The charging station can charge 2 e-bikes at the same time.

Safety socket

The POINT is optionally expandable with a Schuko socket.


E-charger POINT

bike-energy POINT - Wallbox for e-bikes 

E-charging station LINE

bike-energy LINE - for e-bikes

E-charging station LINE

E-bike connection

Charge up to 5 e-bikes at the same time

Connection for E-car with 11/22 KW

The electric car can be charged simultaneously with e-bikes.


Optional special foiling in company colors and with logo

 Galvanized stand

Allows freestanding mounting

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