Charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars

✓ Three model series
✓ Open standard
✓ Expandable and customizable
✓ For e-bikes, electric cars and combined
✓ Charge gently
✓ Quality made in Austria

Award for innovative technology

Our e-bike charging stations can charge both e-bikes and e-cars at the same time. Delivery is ready for assembly. The TOWER, POINT and LINE models can thus be quickly and easily mounted free-standing or on a wall.

The charging stations can mainly be used in public and tourist areas.

All e-charging stations can be expanded with different functions and modules: switching on and off with a key or with an app, special foiling in the company design, USB connection, additional socket and much more. All sorts of things Extensions and accessories can be found here.

Our charging stations have many benefits:

  • E-bike batteries charge up to 2 times faster
  • Open standard: all common e-bike brands can be charged quickly and safely
  • Safe to charge in any weather, without loss of warranty
  • Several e-bikes and e-cars can (depending on the model) be charged at the same time
  • E-bike charging stations attract customers from an attractive target group and thus increase sales
  • Battery-saving effect thanks to an intelligent charging system
  • Attractive financing options through Subsidy, Leasing, or cost sharing

Charging stations with open standard

With the right charging cable, all common brands of e-bikes can be charged, regardless of which drive or battery the e-bike is equipped with. You can find the right charging cable with our Charging Cable Finder.

Fast charging for electric cars with Type 1 or Type 2 connection. BMWi, Tesla, Renault, Audi and more can be charged quickly and easily.

An intelligent charging process with battery-saving effect

bike-energy conserves the battery when charging. Each docked battery is charged original charge log.

During the first phase the charging station charges very slowly, in the last phase the feed-in is rapidly reduced. This conserves the battery to the maximum and increases the service life.

E-bike batteries, which are suitable for quick charging, are charged up to twice as fast!

bike-energy charging stations protect the e-bike battery

bike-energy has developed 3 charging station models:

  1. TOWER: A classic charging station with a high signal effect, with up to 4 connections for e-bike, e-car or a combination.
  2. POINT: A modern charging point that can be mounted on the wall or free-standing, with up to 4 connections for e-bike, e-car or mixed.
  3. LINE: An elongated wallbox with up to 3 connections for e-bike, e-car or a combination.

E-charging station bike-energy TOWER

bike-energy TOWER for e-bikes & e-cars

+ Modern design, high signalling effect

+ EEasy charging outdoors, the home charger is not necessary

+ Easy to set up using a steel base plate with adjusting screws (like a gastro umbrella - you save an expensive concrete foundation)

+ With bicycle stand and photovoltaic system on request

+ 2-4 e-bike slots

+ 1-2 e-car slots

+ Model options & Price list

+ Subsidy "E-charging infrastructure" secure

Charging column TOWER for Ebikes and E-Cars

Charging station bike-energy POINT

bike-energy POINT for e-bikes & e-cars

+ Cost effective solution of bike-energy

+ Ka lying around cables, batteries and chargers

+ Easy to mount on the wall or on the bike rack

+ 1-4 e-bike slots

+ 1-2 e-car slots

+ Model options & Price list



E-filling station bike-energy LINE

bike-energy LINE for e-bikes & e-cars

+ Charge multiple e-bikes without chargers lying around

+ Particularly suitable for hotel bike systems

+ Easy to mount on the wall or on the bike rack

+ 1-5 e-bike slots

+ 1 E-car slot

+ Model options & Price list


Charging station for Ebikes and Ecars LINE

Connection for e-bike

Up to 3 e-bikes can be loaded at the same time.


Connection for e-car 11KW / 22KW

The e-car can also be charged with the e-bikes at the same time.



LINE is also available with a special foil. In your own company colors and with your company logo.



The stand allows free-standing mounting of the charging station.

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