The new, easy way to charge e-bikes

Innovative technologyThe innovative technology

For charging on the go without a home charger

Infrastructure ebike charging stationsFunctioning infrastructure

Added value and traffic relief for community and region

ebike trendE-biking is a big trend.

Highest growth rates in recent years

Up to 2 times faster loading, in any weather

e-bike charging stations with open standard, robust, wind and weatherproof. The e-bike can be charged faster up to 2x, even when it rains. Without warranty. The battery just stays on the bike when charging.

The bike-energy charging cable makes charging on the go a breeze

Our charging cables are compatible with all current drive and e-bike brands.

The innovative charging cable from bike-energy is handy, small and lightweight

The bulky and heavy charging adapter can be left at home. The bike-energy charging cable is small and light, ideal for longer e-bike tours.

e-charging infrastructure

bike-energy is driving e-mobility forward with charging infrastructure projects. Only if a nationwide charging network is available, the mobility turnaround can work.

  • For cities, communities and communities

    Increase the attractiveness of your municipality or community.

  • For tourism, hotels and gastronomy

    A region, a hotel, or inn with added value for the guests.

  • For businesses owners

    Offer your customers and employees a charging option for e-bikes and e-cars!

  • For energy providers

    Benefit from a green image and added value for your customers and employees.

And this is how it works: Plug in - Charge - Continue!

bike-energy is the e-bike charging system with decisive advantages for e-bikers, tourist regions, cities / municipalities and for e-bike brands.


  • No handling with high voltage (230V) devices
  • Modern, magnetic couplings instead of plugs
  • Battery stays on the bike
  • Comfort:

  • The bulky and weather-sensitive home charger does not have to be carried along
  • Load faster up to 2x
  • No surrounding chargers and batteries
  • Feel free to contact us

    We help you to develop an e-mobility concept with high benefits for your community / region.


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