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It is the facts that count, car traffic is increasing, space is decreasing. A rethink is urgently needed for municipalities, cities and regions. One answer? ACTIVE MOBILITY, walking and cycling not only makes sense from the point of view of climate protection, it is healthy, makes you happy and keeps you fit. And if the surroundings are right, and you find nice bike paths and great bike parking facilities, you'll be happy to switch from car to bike or e-bike.

Everyday life, work, vacation and more...

Where are we actively mobile everywhere? Everywhere where it makes sense! Do you know that, the everyday life is stressful, the job is demanding, sports and exercise fall by the wayside, that does not have to be. If you integrate some movement and activity into your daily routine, you will feel fitter, be more resilient and go through your workdays with more motivation. Another benefit, the environment and the climate also profit. Whereas, fewer cars and more bikes on the road are always a benefit. Let's be honest, nobody needs STAUS and PARKING SPACE SEARCH, we can all do without these killjoys!

With info and knowledge to success!

On this page we give a rough overview of the possibilities for municipalities, Communities, Operations and whole Regions, to make great leaps forward in active mobility. What many people don't know is that there are plenty of attractive, Austria-wide  Support programsthat support us in investing in the mobile future. We just need to get smart and know!

"Keep safe" - bike parking facilities

Anyone who travels quickly and efficiently by bike or e-bike will also reach their destination at some point and wants to know that their sports equipment is stored safely and reliably. If a municipality or region wants to "understand" the target group of cyclists, there are great systems and solutions for this. Parking facilities or locking devices make particular sense in combination with e-charging infrastructure, because e-bikes should be able to be charged safely and reliably while in storage.

A very important rule of thumb applies: parking facilities are not the same as bike racks. If you want to attract particularly ambitious cyclists with high-quality bikes to your municipality as mobilists, it makes perfect sense to invest in high-quality bike parking facilities. Trust us when we say: Rim and frame killers are definitely out!

Beautiful and secure bicycle parking facilities for bikes of all types.
Modern and secure parking facilities for the (e-)bike make the switch to the bike all the more attractive

A few facts to consider:

  • Covered bicycle parking facilities for max. 100 bicycles
  • Lockable or can be secured to the bicycle frame
  • For buildings, outside the public traffic area
  • Funding is limited to 30 % of eligible costs.
  • Prerequisite: 100 % Electricity from renewable energy sources.

"Quickly from A to B" - cycle paths and cycling speed links

If the bicycle or e-bike is to become a serious alternative to the car in terms of everyday mobility, there needs to be a targeted expansion of cycle path networks and high-speed cycle connections. Expanding and investing in cycle paths and high-speed connections makes double and triple sense. The good news? There are attractive subsidies to cushion investments in this area with public money. Eligible costs in Austria are subsidized by up to 40% for cycle path extensions and high-speed cycle links. In total, a maximum subsidy of € 100,- per inhabitant of the municipality is eligible. Important is the existence of a cycling strategy, a concept or a master plan "bike" at the level of the region or province. One more question arises:

What is a cycling fast link?

  • Determination of connections (min. 5 km) in planning documents of the federal state
  • Potential of at least 2,000 cyclists per 24 hrs.
  • Direct, largely detour- and gradient-free routing (max. 6 %)
  • Level-free with motor vehicle traffic or priority at at-grade intersections
  • Sufficient traffic space width
  • Safe trafficability even at high speeds
  • Protective lane to the motor vehicle carriageway with roadside cycle track
  • High pavement quality (asphalt or concrete

Always supplied with (e-)energy - e-bike charging infrastructure

According to the e-mobility offensive of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, the purchase of e-vehicles and the provision of e-charging infrastructure are equally promoted. Particularly interesting for municipalities, but also for companies in municipalities, is the development of sharing or rental systems up to investments in low-emission employee mobility. Just think of the role model effect that a mayor or municipal representative has when he or she travels around the municipality with e-bikes, rental bikes or job bikes. From the perspective of a municipality, up to seven positive effects can be achieved by investing in active mobility.

  1. Protect climate and resources
  2. Save costs
  3. Improve accessibility
  4. Improvement of social encounters
  5. Reduction of air pollutants
  6. Reduce noise and
  7. improve the health of the population.

These are good reasons to take the future actively into your own hands, aren't they?

E-mobility offensive of the Austrian Climate Fund

  • Funding is provided for vehicles and e-charging infrastructure
  • Application exclusively online at
  • AFTER purchase (up to 9 months after purchase)
  • No used vehicles / charging stations eligible for funding
  • 4 years in operation, and electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. 

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"For decades I have preferred to travel by bicycle, in my free time on the mountain, in everyday life on bike paths and roads. That's not the only reason why cycling is the future of mobility for me; whether in the city or in the country, switching from the car to the bike simply makes a lot of sense. If cyclists feel that they are being taken seriously on great cycle paths and in modern parking facilities, there is nothing left to criticize about cycling. As KEM manager of the KEM region Zell am See-Kaprun, I deal a lot with bicycle infrastructure. Attractive subsidies from the public sector make a lot of things possible, you just need the necessary information and support from professionals. With bike-energy you have an experienced and professional partner at your side. Let's go into the active-mobile future!"

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