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Charging Cable FAQ's

Which charging cable you need depends on the drive/ battery system of your e-bike, go to our Charging cable viewfinder to find the right cable based on the e-bike brand and drive system. If more than 1 charging cable remains after filtering, compare the plugs with your own charger. If they look identical, this is the right cable for you! The market changes very quickly, so it happens that your e-bike brand is not listed. No problem, most of the time we still have a suitable charging cable for you!
For most models with Panasonic drive / battery we have a suitable charging cable! The Flyer-1 cable fits in most cases.

Detailed information on warranty and guarantee can be found here: Warranty.pdf

Each charging cable has a locking ring through which you can insert a lock. Thus, the charging cable is secured against theft.

The battery can remain locked to the wheel during charging.

In each charging cable there is a data carrier (EEPROM) which provides the charging station with the identification.

The pin assignment of the connectors is also different.

Only when the correct battery is recognized by the charging station (voltage from the battery) the voltage-current for charging is switched on.

If the voltage and current from the battery and charging station are not within the specified corridor, the system switches off.

There have been technical problems with the Shimano-2 charging cable in recent years.

The fault was found and the current generation of these cables works perfectly.

If you have problems with your existing Shimano 2 cable - we will replace it free of charge.

Simply write a message to:


Charging Stations FAQ's

Detailed information on warranty and guarantee can be found here: Warranty.pdf and Declaration of liability

A full charge for an e-bike costs between €0.20 and €0.30. That's why e-bike charging is free at most bike-energy charging stations.

What requirements must be met on site for a bike-energy charging station?

As good as none! All bike-energy Charging stations are delivered pre-assembled. For an e-bike charging station, a 230V connection line must be available and for an electric car charging station, a 400V supply line.

In conjunction with the base plate (TOWER), the bike-energy Charging station can be easily installed free-standing. No foundation work, etc. is necessary. Just plug it in and you're done!

Can I start up the charging station myself?

To maintain the warranty, the charging station should be connected by an electrician/professional. You can continue to operate the charging station yourself.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike?

A complete (0-100%) charge is usually not relevant in practice. Your e-bike is charged at the bike-energy Charging station charged up to 2x faster than the conventional home charger. Usually charge approx 30% battery in 20 min.

Does the charging station switch itself off when the battery is full?

The charging electronics naturally detect when the battery of your e-bike is full and switches off independently.

Which e-bikes can be charged at bike-energy charging stations?

Basically, we have the right charging cable for all common types of e-bikes. You can find a list of these under the heading "Charging cable". We are constantly adding charging cables for new e-bike types to our range.

Can I charge my e-bike even in the rain?

All bike-energy Charging stations and the matching charging cables are completely weatherproof. You can charge without risk in any (rain, snow, ...) weather. Thus, there is no danger if it rains briefly and your e-bike hangs on a charging station.

Unfortunately, this does not work with the conventional (home) charger - these must not be used outdoors and in the rain.

Loading time examples

Bosch 42V 5A 500W charging time 2:21h

Impulse 2 42V 5,5A 500W charging time 2:08h

Stromer 2 54.6V 5A 500W charging time 1:48h

Stromer 2 54.6V 5A 700W charging time 2:32h

Bafang 50V 3A 500W charging time 3:18h

Yes, every loading process is saved on an internal SD card. In this way, the user numbers can be read out. The SD card is located in the Smart charger element under the protective cap.

You can find a detailed procedure here: Change SD card.pdf

And here: Reading out the log files.pdf

Yes, TÜV report and certificate can be viewed via this link.

bike-energy Charging stations are all CE compliant and ISO 9001 tested.

Loading process is aborted suddenly.

Problem description:

  • Charging process starts with connection establishment (new cables)
  • Loading process mostly aborts after initialization before loading
  • Charging process aborts after approx. 3 minutes

Voltage problem. The voltage at the charger has risen above 58V. This must be between 57V and 58V at the 60V input. Above 58V, the symptoms mentioned above occur.

solution (be sure to have it checked by an electrical engineer!):

57 - 58V against GND (at 60V IN)!

57 - 58V against GND (at 60V IN)!

If the voltage is above 58V, please adjust/reduce at the power supply rotary potentiometer (+V ADJ)!:s. Marking.

If the voltage is above 58V, please adjust/reduce (+V ADJ) at the power supply rotary potentiometer!s. Marking.

Depending on the e-bike model and year of manufacture, charge bike-energy charging stations the e-bike up to 2 x faster as if it were charged with the home charging adapter. The charging times are therefore dependent on the model and age.

It is up to the operator whether charging is chargeable or free of charge. Since a full e-bike charge costs between €0.20 and €0.30, charging is usually free for the e-biker.

Yes, there is an app available in Google Play and in the App Store. Just search for 'bike-energy' there. 

Purchase transaction

You can order our products as follows:

  1. In our Online Shop are all all charging stations (with or without extensions), charging cables and accessories to order
  2. By phone: +43 (0) 6463 64091 we are happy to advise you!
  3. By e-mail: Please send your request to

Orders in the store can be paid only by cash in advance, Amazon, credit card and Paypal. Paypal also allows payment by credit card. 

Orders by e-mail and telephone are processed only with prepayment.

Charging cable: 2-3 business days and will be sent by mail.

Charging stations: up to 4 weeks. Depending on the equipment and possibly special foiling of the charging station. You will receive a message from us when the order is ready for shipment. Since charging stations are usually sent by freight forwarding, the delivery times are correspondingly longer.

An overview of the Shipping costs you can find here.

Return of a charging cable If you have received the wrong charging cable, or if it is defective, you are welcome to return it. You will receive a free return label from us for this purpose (please send inquiries about this to bike-energy charging stations c/o Stranger Elektrotechnik GmbH Ennspark 2 5541 Altenmarkt Austria Tel: +43 (0) 6452 5253 - 0 Returning the charging station In rare cases, damage to the charging station occurs during transport. In this case, the goods should be returned on the supplied Euro pallet to the address above. Of course we will cover the transport costs. Nevertheless, we ask you to call us first or write an e-mail.
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