the secure, RFID-enabled bicycle parking system

Park safely, without lock!

Play video anti-theft bike parking system properties

✓ The bicycle parking system with digitally controllable locking mechanism

✓ Future-oriented and sustainable

✓ Very safe - ideal in urban areas

✓ Compatible with digital billing systems, mobile app, access cards, and more

Innovation & Concept

Our big goal is to revolutionize the bicycle sector, similar to the introduction of e-bikes years ago. The parking of often exceedingly expensive bicycles and e-bikes must be made easier both in small towns, as well as in large cities without any problems and especially with a high level of safety be possible.

The innovative bicycle parking system
security made easy!

The bicycle parking system with digitally controllable locking mechanism. Compatible with all systems requested by the provider, such as mobile app, transport cards, credit or access cards, etc.

Our innovative and from all aspects well thought-out bicycle parking system allows the user to securely lock his bike in seconds without carrying his own lock. The sophisticated locking mechanism locks the bike over the frame and front wheel, providing a very high level of security and convenience.

The locking mechanism is activated by RFID technology and the associated app/web service allows the user to check various data at any time. Future-oriented and sustainable features such as a Charging system for e-bikes, Photovoltaics in the roof system, as well as an energy storage system complete the offer.

RFID chip reader

Simply pay with bank/credit card.
Compatible with various mobile apps. RFID function

The stainless steel barrier bar
locks the bike to the frame

Hot dipped galvanized steel frame

Color and CI of your choice

Flexible and equipped for the future

Expandable system

The plants can be provided with various options and covered in the color of your choice.

Software solutions including remote diagnostics and maintenance, connection and ensuring 3G/4G Internet and mobile Internet connection, online access to the control center, operation and maintenance of the software, etc.

Upgrade the with:

✓ the patented charging system from bike-energy

✓ a roofing

✓ PV plant

✓ Alarm system, surveillance camera

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