E-charging infrastructure for residential projects

Living with sustainable mobility & future-oriented housing concepts

Housing creates living spaces and living spaces are subject to strong changes. When it comes to living, the center of life and mobility are inseparable. Is it still in keeping with the times to allocate one to several parking spaces to each apartment, or is the time coming when we want to use our living spaces more sensibly than for parking cars?

Energy efficient in the future

Modern residential construction projects are usually characterized by particular energy efficiency. The energy turnaround seems to have arrived in the industry. Residential buildings generate energy and save energy through top insulation and highly efficient material mixes. Sounds like residential construction has arrived in the future - this should also be reflected in mobility.

Living space vs. parking space

We give the car too much space. This statement does not come from us, it is a widespread opinion of transport and spatial planners. Innovative housing concepts therefore rely on types of mobility that reduce dependence on the car, such as e-bike infrastructure. What does a housing project need in order to rely on e-bikes instead of cars?

Integrated charging infrastructure

And simple, safe and quality parking facilities. Preferably in combination. E-bike and bicycle infrastructure is only used when it meets the needs of those who will use it. Bike-Energy builds charging stations that can be installed either in underground garages or bike rooms, or can be used outdoors, at parking facilities.


Funding for innovative projects

Benefit from our knowledge about subsidies. Bike-energy has been designing e-charging infrastructure for residential projects for years, in the process attractive subsidies come into play again and again, which you should not miss out on. Without the knowledge and expertise in this area, you often miss good opportunities, we will be happy to inform you about it in a conversation.


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