The crisis as a great opportunity!

E-bike as an opportunity in the crisis

Whe Corona crisis could play into the hands of domestic tourism and why many experts are increasingly focusing on the e-bike sector.


For weeks now, the Corona virus has also been taking the breath away from people in Austria, choking our daily lives, tourism and many other economic sectors. Quite a few layoffs, panic hoarding purchases, worries about childcare and caregiving, and an early end to the winter season are sad side effects. Now experts are fearing for the upcoming summer tourism, as no one knows exactly how long the government's restrictive measures will remain in effect.


Measures for summer tourism


Clearly, the current situation is both catastrophic and challenging, especially for the hospitality and tourism sectors. "In times like these, you still have to see the positive and make the best of the situation. We count on everything - including the good," says Peter Schitter, managing director of bike-energy. Like him, other optimistic economists see a great opportunity in the crisis: after there will be restrictions on cross-border travel for some time to come, domestic tourism in particular could benefit from domestic vacations. "Austrians will mainly vacation in their own country after this crisis phase. If we are lucky, our German guests may also come to our country for their summer vacation. This is precisely why many tourism companies are now focusing more on Austria-wide advertising and the expansion of leisure activities," says Schitter.

The latter concerns above all the e-bike sector, which has already grown strongly in recent years and will also play a major role in the coming summer tourism.

"The target group of e-bikers is growing steadily throughout Europe. Tourism regions, communities and municipalities throughout Austria can confirm this fact. We work closely with them to develop an individual concept for the respective region and establish a suitable e-infrastructure. Our partners are optimistic about the summer season and appeal to all Austrians to vacation in their own country next summer. This strengthens our struggling economy and all domestic businesses. In the coming months, in addition to a good range of leisure activities, cohesion is the order of the day," adds the expert for e-bike charging stations in conclusion.


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