E-Mobilty subsidies for 2022 in Austria - retrofit bicycle parking

e-mobility subsidies 2022

Bicycle parking facilities incl. charging points can also be co-funded as part of an overall project (e.g. if a municipality builds bicycle infrastructure).

In addition to bicycle parking, the e-mobility subsidy (current submission deadline 31.03.2022) is also of interest, especially where e-cars can also be charged.

Funding is provided for bicycle parking facilities with 400€/parking space or 700€/parking space with e-charging point (limited to max. 30% of the acquisition cost (cost of the system as well as planning and installation) and to 100 bicycles) that meet the following requirements:

  • Covered
  • Lockable (single parking space or e.g. lockable room within a building) resp. can be secured to the bike frame
  • In the case of a building erected before 01.01.2000 (last building permit decisive) with
    • More than 3 residential units (residential buildings) and/or
    • More than 10 workplaces (company building) and/or
    • More than 20 training places (educational institution) and/or
    • More than 40 customers/visitors per day (stores, museums, ...)
  • Establishment
    • outside the public traffic area (street property according to the property cadastre)
    • close to the building entrance
    • Accessible (by driving or pushing) from the public traffic area
  • RVS compliant - guideline 03.02.13 (bicycle traffic)

The application is made here and takes place up to six months AFTER of accounting (or by 02/28/2022 - 12 noon). The following items are required for grant submission:

  • An official photo ID of the applicant
  • Invoice for the acquisition or construction costs
  • Signed Funding settlement form
  • Proof of the use of electricity from ultimately renewable energy sources (when setting up e-charging points).
  • Last valid building decision of the building
  • Confirmation by the planner that all construction measures will be carried out in accordance with the currently valid guidelines and regulations for road traffic (RVS 03.02.13 Radverkehr).

More information is available here or in the Guide at pp. 14-16.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +43 (0) 6463 / 640 91


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