E-bike charging stations comparison: fast charging station or charging cabinet?


E-bike charging stations in comparison

While fans of e-bikes and pedelecs were tiredly smiled at not so long ago and sometimes portrayed as lazy "wannabe cyclists", it has long been known that nothing works without vigorous pedaling, even with electric bicycles!
No drive without proper footwork - that's how you can put it without exaggeration and with a clear conscience.
Of course, diligence and effort alone are not enough for the e-bikes of this world - they also need to be charged regularly.

And it is exactly at this point that things can sometimes get annoying. Mobile chargers for home use may seem practical at first glance, but they neither charge safely nor are they easy to handle. They are bulky, heavy and cables lying around provide an ideal breeding ground for tripping hazards.

However, there is another valid reason against the use of such home devices

Although the home chargers are not designed for the Outdoor charging process are made, they must logically always be carried.
To make this charging procedure much more pleasant, some companies are advertising a product that is supposed to make it much easier to fill up e-bikes with their own chargers: Charging cabinets made of anodized aluminum - the somewhat different charging stations.

But how do they differ from the charging stations of bike-energy and are they really the better choice?
bike-energy in the charging station comparison.

Loading cabinet versus bike-energy - the opponents in the direct confrontation

The basic construction of a loading cabinet is quickly explained:
It consists of a sheet steel body with smooth fronts, a power strip and a drop-in slot. It also includes recessed doors and recessed door shelves - rubber bumpers and compartment numbering add convenience.

Charging station appearance

Visually, the charging cabinet resembles a classic locker with a socket. These charging cabinets are mostly built outdoors.
Of course, the home chargers and batteries inside this cabinet are protected from rain, dirt and cold - but as an e-biker yourself, you have to handle the charger outside the cabinet first, despite a storm. This threatens the loss of warranty of the device and that is not insignificant.

E-bike batteries of the new generation are often not removable

Another problem is the batteries of the new generation of e-bikes, because some of them can no longer be removed for charging, or special tools are required.
Furthermore, the dimensions of a large number of charging cabinets no longer correspond to the dimensions of the "new generation batteries" from the outset.
This simply means:
It just does not fit!

Charging cabinets and charging stations from bike-energy - an unequal comparison, like comparing apples with pears
To compare these two versions of the e-bike equipment at all,
becomes bike-energy absolutely not fair!
A connector strip in a metal cabinet does not correspond to a complex charging station with patented technology:


  • bike-energy need no own charger for home use, it charges using a handy charging cable.
  • Even the charging cable does not necessarily have to be carried along, because you can easily attach it as a biker to one of the bike-energy-Lend stations.
  • The charging station and charging cable are 100% weatherproof and can be used outdoors without hesitation.
  • With bike-energy you can charge your e-bike quickly, because it charges up to 2 times faster than the home variant.
  • The patented technology in bike-energy Charging stations protects the battery and extends the life of the battery.
  • These charging stations are delivered ready for installation and may be used immediately afterwards.
  • They can be easily repositioned or dismantled.
  • bike-energy does not require an extra building permit for the construction of its stations, unlike the charging cabinets - thus eliminating long administrative waiting times.
  • The whole project of e-bike charging stations is subsidized in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - so you can save considerably!


Ordinary socket against all-round supply

At bike-energy may be chosen among different models:

Whether you choose

  • the bike-energy "POINT" for installation on the wall or on the bicycle stand, which can also charge e-bikes and e-cars or
  • the "LINE" model, which can charge several e-bikes and e-cars at the same time and is therefore popular for hotel facilities, as guests and staff alike benefit from it -.

with all e-charging stations you can charge your e-bike quickly and the stations themselves are expandable with different functions and modules.

Charging infrastructure is a prerequisite

A good Charging infrastructure is the prerequisite for trouble-free e-mobility.
In cooperation (cite references) with many representatives from the tourism sectors, Hotel industry, gastronomy and other tradesmen, is making an effort to bike-energy around a drastic expansion of the e-charging station network.
Nevertheless, the many successes should not be generalized, because each one is important and contributes significantly to the expansion of the infrastructure.
Individual Special foiling with corresponding company logo ensure that no company disappears into anonymity.



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