E-bike batteries: Always bigger, always further...


Or is less more sometimes?

Where the arms race at various e-bike manufacturers should lead, is often not quite clear. Ever larger batteries, ever more watts of power and, basically, ever longer charging cycles. Is that the last word in wisdom?

A reader survey of EMTB Magazine in Germany shows that it is not always so.

More and more e-bikers are satisfied with less power and thus lighter batteries, which can also be charged faster. Not every e-biker needs 750 Wh and more to enjoy the e-bike fun (uphill flow). 650 Wh are usually enough to turn a casual and extensive round without recharging.

What does the charging station manufacturer say?

We from bike-energy are basically of the same opinion. It's understandable, what do we get out of it if our charging stations stand around in the area and all the e-bikers drive past them with full batteries? We are not the only ones with this opinion, our customers, tourism regions, municipalities, cities and the like are coming up with great concepts for Charging infrastructure, this may then also gladly used and should be used.

More frequent recharging or larger batteries? which makes more sense?
More frequent recharging or larger batteries? Which makes more sense?

What does all this have to do with each other?

We want to explain this briefly: "large" batteries with many Wh and a lot of capacity need to be charged less often from a purely technical point of view. As a result, they are often heavier and have a long charging time. This is especially true for home chargers. Even with batteries with 650 Wh, a full charge with a home charger takes quite a long time. With a Charging cable from bike-energy, at a bike-energy Charging station a full charge is much faster. Especially e-bikers with powerful motors and batteries are recommended to charge with professional charging cables at professional charging stations and NOT to carry their own home charger on tour. To bring it clearly to the point:

  • Settle for smaller, sleeker batteries
  • The power that comes from 750 Wh batteries is usually not needed by anyone.
  • Prefer to charge on tour with a bike-energy charging cable at one of our stations
  • You reduce charging time and do not need to carry home charger

Basically, it's quite simple: rather charge more often, take a leisurely break in a cafe with a charging station and supply the e-bike with energy than ride around with endlessly large batteries that also add unnecessary weight.

Fast recharging at a professional charging station for e-bikes
Quickly recharge at a professional charging station for e-bikes. Short duration, great benefit!

We wish you a great e-bike summer!


Your team from bike-energy


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