Functioning e-charging infrastructure:
100% Mobility Guarantee for E-Bikes of ALL Brands.

With the establishment of an e-charging infrastructure, your region will become an e-bike Eldorado: The bike-energy Petrol stations are positioned where the e-bikers are.

A working e-charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the success of electromobility

bike-energy strives to promote e-mobility. That's why it's a working one charging infrastructure so important. Although individual charging stations are a well-meant start, how do you find out if there are more charging points? And are they within reach? Further charging stations in the direct environment are therefore in demand. Likewise, the Signage of the charging network an important criterion.

If all the conditions are right, the threshold for switching to electromobility will be reduced and the uncertainty of e-bikers and e-car drivers reduced. Ergo: more charging stations => better charging infrastructure = successful e-mobility.

Infrastructure also means: Offer added value.

Therefore, charging stations should be set up where visitors can stay pleasant. Keywords: rest stop, shopping mile, tavern. This is the only way to create a win-win situation for operators and visitors.

A charging infrastructure is created together

Meanwhile, an ever denser network of bike-energy Charging stations. Starting in your own region Salzburg individual communities were newly "opened up" and connected to each other.

We invite community representatives, tourism associations, landlords, hoteliers and traders to work together to prepare an entire region for e-mobility. Because together you stand stronger. Cost sharing, implementation planning and successful implementation are the main focuses.

The result: The result is an e-bike Eldorado that is second to none! Tours of 200 km per day are now easily possible. If the trend continues like this, a tour of Austria or even a Tour de France is within reach even for non-professionals. In the end, the whole region benefits again.

charging infrastructure

A click on the map shows you where our charging stations are located.

e-charging infrastructure: where are charging stations set up?

For a functioning charging infrastructure, the positioning of the charging stations is crucial. Charging stations only offer added value where e-bikers and e-car drivers have a chance to stay.

Charging infrastructure

A successful charging infrastructure depends on the positioning of the charging stations

Conventional platform pedals generally fail to provide optimum power transmission, and urban cyclists know how painful it is when your expensive leather-soled shoes or high heels slide off the pedals and you hit your shin. Charging stations are not used much, because there is usually no infrastructure available. bike-energy thannt's why our charging stations are set up at cafés, restaurants, mountain lodges and wherever e-bikers take a break.

Safety for operators and e-bikers
At conventional e-charging stations, which are mostly lonely in parking lots, e-bikers have to unpack their home charger or take their battery out of the bike to put it in the charger. The expensive battery and charger are often unsecured on the floor. If things are left unattended while they are charging, they are easy prey for thieves. A dangerous short circuit could occur if there is moisture. Liability claims against the operator can result.

bike-energy is safe!
Charging does not require an expensive home charger. The battery remains secured during the entire charging process and is locked on the frame. The safety concept of bike-energy enables charging outdoors in any weather. While the battery is safely charged, e-bikers can treat themselves to refreshment and refreshment in the nearby restaurant.

E-biking is a MEGA trend

The sales figures in Germany and Austria have doubled in recent years. Every third bicycle sold is now an e-bike! Tourism regions in Austria and Switzerland are increasingly relying on e-bike tourism. You can rent e-bikes almost everywhere, but can you recharge them everywhere?

"Revolutionizes summer tourism and creates new quality of life." (Matth.Horx)

  • Sales figures in Austria and Germany doubled last year
  • Many locals are already considering the purchase of an e-bike
  • Highest growth rates in summer tourism
  • New excursion destinations for a new audience.
  • Benefit from a network, as in winter tourism

Trend ebike sale

Relief through charging infrastructure

Infrastructure and traffic relief

  • Half of all car trips are shorter than 5 km!
  • Only 1 / 3 of all car journeys is longer than 10 km! *)
  • Most motorists take as an alternative an e-bike instead of public transport
  • ie 2 / 3 of all car journeys could easily be handled with the e-bike
  • ... if an appropriate infrastructure is available

Charging infrastructure: Networking is the key to success

Example winter tourism

50 years ago, only few people had the opportunity to enjoy our mountains on skis - why? Because there were no lifts yet and few had the fitness to climb the peaks..

Then the first lift was built...

winter tourismIt really started as a network of ski resorts emerged. A formerly laughed-at project became a ever growing phenomenon.

Our winter tourism!

By the way: Germany has about 4,5 million skiers and 80 million bikes! (Estatis)

Benefit from this trend.

Tourism Magnet

bike-energy attracts guests. Because e-biking is THE hype in summer tourism - guests can reach the most beautiful destinations by e-bike because they can recharge along the way.

Traffic relief

E-bikers drive 30% less by car. A functioning charging infrastructure and the security of being able to recharge anywhere on the go motivates many who have been hesitant to opt for an e-bike.

Benefits for operators

  • bike-energy attracts guests / customers
  • Upgrades your location and service
  • Image enhancement and added value of an entire region
  • Easy installation - no expensive foundation

Benefits for e-bikers

  • Convenient - your own home charger stays at home
  • Safe - Recharging outdoors, even in bad weather
  • Comfortable - easy to use
  • Theft-proof - for the first time the battery remains secured during charging and locked on the frame.