Charge e-bike while shopping

E-bike charging while shopping

Next time the car stays at home!

How about not going shopping by car, but by e-bike or e-bike? "Can't, there's not enough for me to carry?" Really? Most of our daily shopping doesn't even fill our family cars and SUVs to ⅓ of their capacity. So why drive to the supermarket in a traffic jam, look for parking and then have to walk far from the car to the supermarket when it's much more efficient!

E-bikes charge free of charge at supermarkets

If you can bring yourself to do this and ride to the REWE supermarket on an e-bike or e-load bike, you are not only doing good for the climate and avoiding traffic, you are also traveling more comfortably. The bike-energy Charging stations at your supermarket are located right next to the entrance and your battery is full to the brim when you are done with your shopping. A great thing and your shopping will surely find room in the e-bike!

Innovative and forward-looking

The REWE Group is embarking on its path into the future, not least with free charging stations. The Group is also doing a lot in terms of sustainability and climate protection in terms of product selection, supply chains and the supply of regional products. In this way, the REWE Group and bike-energy and we are very proud of this partnership in the sense of a functioning mobility transition!

Info & details about our charging stations


Are you also an innovative company and want to play an active role in the future of mobility? We should get to know each other!

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Dear readers, we appreciate every comment and suggestion from you. For info requests and offers please contact verkauf@bike-energy, as we do not always answer news comments immediately. Otherwise it can happen that your request is lost or processed much later. General info - price lists, presentations and data sheets - can be found here: Thank you for your understanding.

3 thoughts on “Beim Einkaufen E-Bike laden”

  1. Well, the idea is good, but the implementation is still a big problem. Bike-Energy is an innovative solution, but not available here in Wiesbaden. As for the supermarkets, we have plenty of Rewe stores, but I can't charge my bike anywhere. Aldi is much further ahead.

    Especially the whole Rheingau region offers bike paths and tours without end.
    But I have hope that there will be more movement at some point.

    1. Hello Joe,
      Almost everywhere in Europe, we are unfortunately still a long way from a comprehensive charging infrastructure. Both for electric cars and for e-bikes.
      Thanks for the Main-Rheingau tip! We will do our best and knock there times!

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