Employees Mobility fit for the future

e-Bike for employees

"My people come to work on e-bikes!"

If you can say that about yourself, you're doing something right. Others may think so: "What do I get out of it, I don't care how my people get to the office, as long as they show up on time!" You can say that, but you shouldn't. It's about image, reputation and the simple fact that the The future of mobility not to be ignored, because no one should afford that in 2021!


We promote sustainable employee mobility

We send ahead, we of bike-energy are not the only ones who attach great importance to this topic. REWE, ALLIANZ, PEWAG, ADIDAS, MPREIS - these names do not come from a list of future desired customers, these names are already customers of bike-energy and provide their employees with stylish, functional and free charging options for e-bikes. Those who ride their e-bikes to work can park in front of the door and enjoy a full battery on the way home.


Where are the advantages for companies?

  • Good image - sustainable companies are good companies
  • Cost reduction - Parking lots and fleets are quite expensive
  • Fitness, Motivation & Health - Exercise is good for the immune system
  • Congestion avoidance - Cycling has a positive effect on traffic
  • Less parking space - fewer cars = less space required = more space


Tax advantages thanks to company bicycle

If this text has not made you bright-eyed up to here, then certainly at this word: TAX ADVANTAGES! There are a few models that implement the idea of service bikes, we want to specifically mention here JOBRAD and BIKELEASING. The ideas behind it are similar, companies provide their employees with company bikes (with or without E) and they can also use the bikes privately. Entrepreneurs benefit from tax advantages as well as from the klimaaktiv mobil e-bike promotion. Sounds good, doesn't it? What you need now are accurate parking and charging stations for you and your employees, and that's where we come in!


We are very gladly available for information & consulting sessions

Your bike-energy Team





Requests via the comment function

Dear readers, we appreciate every comment and suggestion from you. For info requests and offers please contact verkauf@bike-energy, as we do not always answer news comments immediately. Otherwise it can happen that your request is lost or processed much later. General info - price lists, presentations and data sheets - can be found here: https://bike-energy.com/downloads/ Thank you for your understanding.

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