E-charging infrastructure for your region

✓ appreciation of the community

✓ Relief of the infrastructure

✓ Higher quality of life


The municipality becomes more attractive

bike-energy Charging stations are a guest magnet and increase the attractiveness of a region for locals and also for guests! E-biking becomes a pleasure and a functioning charging infrastructure network relieves cities, communities and places of traffic.

Traffic jams in city centers are decreasing, parking spaces are being created and the quality of life for residents is increasing.

e-charging infrastructure for municipalities and municipalities

Upgrading the economic location

“Our bike-energy charging station for e-bikes and e-cars in the city center is very popular with all customers. Guests can in the time of the Aexplore the city and enjoy all the possibilities in the pedestrian zone! "

Josef Maierhofer - City Council Bischofshofen

Many municipalities already rely on our charging stations:

Which bike-energy products does our community need?

In order to make the step to the e-mobility community really successful, there is a whole range of bike-energy Products available. From experience, we know which packages lead to success.

The best selling variant and therefore our recommendation for municipalities and municipalities:

  1. Charging Station LINE L4B for 4 e-bikes  with Special foliation
  2. Backplane with branding
  3. Charging cable cabinet LS11 (Self-service option to issue the charging cable)
  4. Galvanized bicycle stand FS10
  5. Charging cable assortment with 10 cables for the most popular e-bike brands
  6. SPARK "Sports" package
  7. Guidepost assortmentfor customers to easily find to you

Tendering forms and subsidy information

In order to receive subsidy, a project to promote the charging infrastructure must be put out to tender. Here are the tenderign forms for the respective models:

Links to various subsidy information

austria flag

 E-Mobility subsidies for Austria:


  • EUR 200, - per charging point for e-bikes
  • EUR 1.000, - per charging point for e-car
flag of switzerland

E-Mobility subsidies for Switzerland:

Currently no information.

flag of Italy

E-mobility subsidies for Italy:

Currently no information.

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