Extensions and accessories

Charging stations of bike-energy are in themselves an eye-catcher. In addition, they are also expandable with various practical functions. There are a lot of accessories to upgrade the charging station and convert it into a real e-mobility hotspot!

Special foliation

An individually designed charging station contributes significantly to the positive perception of your company. It gives a 'green image'. It is also a clear advertising message. We can equip not only the charging stations, but also accessories such as rear wall panels, arrows and head-up displays with your logo and company CI.

Special foiling can be booked as an option when placing an order. You simply send us your CI data and logo (high-resolution in .png or .psd format) and we will give you a design proposal.


Special foil designer setting once €213,00 ex. VAT

Special foil printing 198 € ex. VAT

USB connection

With an extra USB port, your charging station becomes a universal charging point. Your guest can also conveniently charge their cell phone or camera while the e-bike or e-car is being charged. Handy, isn't it?

The USB connection can be booked as an option when ordering a charging station.

Surcharge USB plug 2000 mA: 75,00 € ex. VAT

Earthed safety socket

Hardly anything more universal. If you or your guest do not have the right charging cable, a socket can be added to the charging station. Handy if your guest has brought their own home charging adapter. And just as practical if you don't already have a socket outside on the wall.

The Schuko socket can be booked as an option when ordering your charging station.

Surcharge Schuko socket: 38,00 € ex. VAT

Switchable with a key

Especially in the urban area, it is practical to be able to switch your charging station on and off when your company closes. So you can be sure that no one taps your electricity without asking.

The key switch can be booked as an option when ordering.

Surcharge key switch: €240,00 ex. VAT

Switchable via app

You can also switch the charging station on and off with your cell phone. Easy and safe. Your mobile phone is connected to your charging station via an app and the charging station can be switched on and off in a 'smart' way.

This function is optionally bookable for the charging station.

Surcharge switchable via app: €367,00 ex. VAT

Charging station on and off via App

Accessories for charging stations

With our accessories, you can also equip your charging point with practical solutions for your guests and customers.

Radabstellanlagen with functionality

A modern bicycle shed or a space-saving bicycle lift from Velowup! - we definitely have a suitable solution for you.

In addition, there are robust bike racks made of wood or stainless steel.

Back panels: Freestanding or wall-mounted

Pay more attention to your charging station with a back plate in your CI color and with your logo. The advertising effect is pre-programmed - high signal effect!

Back panels and billboards are available for all POINT and LINE models. Simply order in the shop and upload your CI files. We will send you a design proposal.

Charging Cable Cabinets: Always the right charging cable for your customers

If your guests do not have a charging cable, you can rent them a suitable cable. Very convenient: In a cabinet on the charging station are the charging cable, attached with cable. The customer just has to catch it!

Signposts and information boards

Describe the way to your charging station with distinctive information arrows and information boards. Your guests will thank you. Signposts, on request in your CI colors, have a high advertising effectiveness and user manuals help the customer with the charging process.

Stand for charging stations POINT and LINE

Do not mount your POINT or LINE charging station on the wall? No problem: we offer a freestanding solution using stands.