Sustainable mobility by rail

ÖBB charging stations

ÖBB has obviously understood this concept!


It is widely known that the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is an immensely appreciative employer and takes very good care of its employees. Now ÖBB is also appointing its entire workforce as sustainability ambassadors and donating e-bike charging stations.


Of course, ÖBB are experts when it comes to sustainable mobilityThis is in the nature of things. A rail trip is probably one of the most climate-friendly forms of mobility there is. And yet you can go one better here, because in combination with cycling, a rail trip becomes an unbeatable sustainability joker. If you want to reduce car traffic in the long term, there's no getting around the combination of rail travel and cycling, and that's a good thing.


ÖBB is already sending out strong signals with sensational bicycle parking facilities and bicycle parking garages at train stations, and their success is proving them right. In urban areas, the car is increasingly losing space and has to give way to public transport and the bicycle. The disadvantages of heavy car traffic are too dominant. What we like? Currently, ÖBB recognizes the strong role model effect that your employees can have.


We are very happy to be part of a major project that will enable ÖBB to further strengthen its pioneering role in the field of sustainable mobility. At 19 locations with a total of up to 100 charging points will be created E-bike charging stations for employees ÖBB, so that they can travel even more sustainably. Employees come to work fit and motivated and the dependence on cars can be reduced even further. This is how it should be for the No. 1 provider of sustainable mobility in a beautiful country like Austria! Our contribution: 19 beautiful LINE charging stations for up to 5 e-bikes each, branded in the unmistakable ÖBB design.


We can hardly wait until they are all installed and connected to the grid! ÖBB. Today, for tomorrow, for us!


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2 thoughts on “Nachhaltige Mobilität auf Schiene”

  1. Rupert Edlinger

    Where exactly are the 19 locations of the Oebb now?
    At 19 locations, a link is indicated in color, but nothing happens when you click on it.

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