Lease the charging station

Budget-friendly and 100% deductible.

Risk-free and gentle on the budget. We would be happy to make you a leasing offer for your desired charging infrastructure.

Together with our awarded partners abcfinance GmbH a leasing concept was created.


5 benefits for leasing a charging station

Liquidity: Leasing protects the liquidity and keeps the credit line free.

Equity protection: Equity, credit lines, liquidity and the assets of the company remain unaffected.

Balance sheet Optics: The leased asset does not appear on the balance sheet at cost. This has a very positive effect on business metrics.

Fully tax deductible: Leasing fees are at 100% as rental expense and reduce taxable profit.

Financial planning: Calculable charges facilitate the budgeting and calculation of the operation. Fixed charges make budgeting and calculation easier.


Ideally, the investment will pay for itself by generated earnings.

Would you like more information about this offer? We are happy to help!

Lease the charging station

"Since installing a bike-energy charging station, we have seen a significant increase in e-bikers. Associated with thisht a nice increase in sales and satisfied customers! "

Sigi Ratgeb

GF Gasthaus Bürglhöh

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