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E-bikers don't need to spend a lot of time looking for the benefits of charging infrastructure. The advantages for end users are obvious. But what are the advantages for those who invest in charging infrastructure, install it and ensure that it runs smoothly at all times? We have gone in search of the most powerful advantages for you.

Advantages for investors

Charging infrastructure as an investment? Of course, it's not just about charging stations, it's an investment in the future of mobility, and investments in that are always worthwhile. The e-bike is gaining ground as a piece of sports equipment, but also as a means of transportation and a form of mobility, whether in urban environments, as a mobility solution for residential construction projects, or in tourist regions. The triumph of the e-bike also ensures increasing importance of technically flawless charging infrastructure. And we should not forget the comprehensive Funding opportunities not to be forgotten when making investments.


The charging time of the e-bike, for some a tedious, annoying time to overcome, for others a valuable time to go for a coffee, take a lunch break or stroll through the city. Does the penny drop as to what we mean by customer loyalty? Those who acquire charging infrastructure also provide themselves with guests, customers and contacts who want to do something useful with their charging time. Those who understand the matter bind these customers to themselves and create opportunities to experience something casual in the cafe, restaurant or store.

Aufmerksamkeit wegen Ladestation

When developing cycling regions, it is important to bring cyclists to those routes that are intended for them and at the same time keep them away from those where cycling is undesirable or prohibited. Usually this is done by developing routes, tours, trails or bike parks. Successful regional developers also extend these efforts to the network of charging infrastructure. Cyclists and e-bikers will always go where they find the infrastructure they need. This is true for trails as well as for charging stations.


Unterstützung bei Förderungen

The choice of location for charging stations and charging infrastructure is a very crucial one. What is the best location, or does installing a charging station make a location a good location? The truth is probably somewhere in between. The fact is, by choosing a location, you are making an important decision and directing e-bikers to where you want them to go. This is where expert:inside knowledge is needed. We are happy to help you with the choice of location. We have been helping to develop e-bike regions for years and know what is important when choosing a location. The best thing is: You can decide for yourself and thus decisively shape the future of mobility or e-bike utilization in your region. Let's take a look at the matter in detail!

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