Charging stations for hotels and restaurants

Added value for customers and development of a new target audience

Customer service and additional sales for your tourist region and all businesses

Inns, hotels, mountain pastures, etc. benefit from one bike-energy Charging station. E-mobility is on the advance - customers appreciate a charging infrastructure for their e-bike and their electric car! It makes your business more attractive and interesting for new and existing guests.

Profile yourself now and expand your range of guests with Europe's most modern charging station for e-bikes and e-cars. All products are delivered ready for assembly and are ready for use in the shortest possible time. More than ever, guests choose their destination based on the criteria of a charging infrastructure for their e-bike and e-car.

Why more sales? This short video explains it

“Since we have the bike-energy charging station, we have seen a significant increase in e-bikers. This is accompanied by a nice increase in sales and satisfied customers! "

- Siegi Rathgeb - Gasthaus Bürglhöh

The most popular product combinations for hotels and restaurants are:

Package: POINT P4B (wall mounting for 4 e-bikes)

  1. POINT P4B with connectors for 4 e-bikes.
  2. Special foliation: Branding the charging station with your own logo and CI
  3. Back panel for POINT RWP1 in your own CI
  4. Charging Cables product lines: With 10 cables for the most popular e-bike brands
  5. SPARK "Turbo" package
  6. Guidepost assortment: 6 arrows so that e-bikers can find their charging station safely
  7. Bicycle rack wood

Some of our satisfied customers from gastronomy and tourism:

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