You have the following payment options available:

  1. Paypal: Fast transaction via your Paypal account. Even if you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay by credit card or IMMEDIATELY transfer via the Paypal interface.
  2. Amazon Pay: If you have an Amazon account, you can pay conveniently and securely via Amazon.
  3. Prepayment: Transfer to our bank account. The goods will be shipped after receipt of payment.

Shipping options

Your order will be shipped, depending on product size, with parcel service or forwarding.

For more information, contact us at


The delivery of our products can only be done within the EU and Switzerland.

For orders from other countries, please contact

Note: We can NOT deliver to a packing station.

delivery times

Delivery times depend on the product with the longest delivery time in the order. For example, if you order a charging station and a charging cable, the delivery time is that of the charging station, because we send all ordered products in one shipment.

Shipping *

*Standard values: Shipping costs for larger orders (eg combination charging station + charging cable + accessories) may vary - depending on the order - differently. We will inform you in this regard in good time. For questions contact

  • Shipping to
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • EU countries
  • €7,50
  • 15, - €
  • €7,50
  • Small forwarder
  • 30, - €
  • 50, - €
  • 78, - €
  • Forwarding company Groß
  • 50, - €
  • 120, - €
  • €117,60