Funding for charging stations

The EU has set major climate goals that need to be implemented. One of them is the promotion of the loading infrastructure. Both private and commercial operators are supported. bike-energy is well-versed in the subject of e-mobility subsidies.

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E-Mobility subsidies for Austria:

  • EUR 200, - per charging point for e-bikes
  • EUR 1.000, - per charging point for e-car

State of Tyrol:

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E-Mobility subsidies for Switzerland:

Currently no information.

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E-mobility subsidies for Italy:

The Lombardy Region has provided 2016 million in funding since 1 to support the purchase and installation of EV charging stations for electric vehicles. After the decision DGR n. 4769 of the 28. January 2016 residents of the region are entitled to 80% of the funds raised by them, a maximum of 1500 euros for the purchase and installation of the domestic wallbox and the co-owned charging stations. This support can be used by private individuals, property managers or company managers, as well as companies based in Lombardy. For further information see Attachment (E-Mobility Lombardy).