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Bike wash "VeloBrush

Velobrush cleaning station for fully automatic bike cleaning!

Sensitive gearshift and control parts, the electronics on e-bikes and sensitive high-tech frames made of carbon require a decidedly gentle cleaning technique. For this reason, high-quality bicycles are still preferably cleaned manually. With the WINTERSTEIGER Velobrush cleaning system, all types of bicycles can now be thoroughly cleaned based on low-pressure and gentle brush technology! This saves time and simplifies the cleaning process - in the service workshop and in professional bicycle rental.

Innovative cleaning concept.

The Velobrush impresses with its innovative concept with lying rotation brushes. A dedicated cleaning unit ensures clean tires and rims. The closed and at the same time attractive design ensures clean work: No water escapes during the cleaning process. The waste water tray can be easily removed for cleaning and sludge residues can be disposed of properly. The integrated powerful filter system reduces water consumption to approx. 1 liter per bike.


The bike is fed into the machine via a technically and ergonomically optimized transport frame. The unit is equipped with wheels and is mobile, but it can also be positioned stationary.


  • For professional use in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Closed system with a power volume of up to 25 bicycles per hour.
  • Low pressure and brush technology in the frame area, therefore suitable for all types of bicycles incl. e-bikes and carbon frames
  • Professional high pressure tire and rim cleaning
  • Very low water and energy consumption
  • Can also be used outdoors without direct access to running water
  • Environmentally friendly and professional treatment or disposal of wastewater


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