bike-energy charging cables: handy, light-weight and safe in use

Why carry the bulky and heavy home charger with you when it works without one too?

Charging an ebike has never been easier!

Charging your e-bike has become much easier.
bike-energy enables it for e-bikers everywhere - at inns, mountain pastures, bars or in tourist regions - to recharge the e-bike battery easily and safely. The innovative and intelligent charging cable makes it possible in combination with bike-energycharging stations. Normally, it is necessary to bring your own home adapter to connect to a charging station - this heavy and bulky adapter should not be used outdoors.

The unique charging cable from bike-energy is handy and light-weight.
This finally allows longer tours, because at all bike-energy-charging points you can quickly recharge the battery. The charging cables are available for all popular e-bike brands. You will find them directly at the charging stations for hire and at the local sports retailer. Or in our online store.

Charging cable for Ebike

The charging cables are compatible with all popular e-bike brands

Which charging cable do I need?

You have no idea which charging cable is right for you? No problem: Search your e-bike brand under 'My E Bike'. Then appear the possible battery / drive types. For the respective drive then the right charging cable appears.

My e bike

Drive / battery

The right charging cable

Or you can see what drive or battery your e-bike has.

Is your brand, battery or drive not in the list?

The e-bike market is constantly changing: there are always new e-bike brands and models, with different drive types and batteries. bike-energy always stays up to date, but it may be that your brand or drive is not in the list.

Fill out the form below and report your e-bike brand and drive or battery brand. You may also attach a picture of your bike / drive / battery. So we get all the necessary information.

We certainly have a suitable solution for you!

If you are not sure, upload a picture of your e-bike.

The bike-energy charging cable can also be borrowed

You discover a charging station on the way and do not have your own charging cable? No problem: Very often, the operator has an assortment of suitable charging cables for hire. Just follow the instructions on the charging cable finder (directly at the charging station) and get the right charging cable!

Charging cable cabinet at the LAdestation

At many charging stations, the operator has provided a barrier with charging cables for the visitors.



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