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This FAQ page is always updated with new topics and questions from customers. So that we can continuously improve our products and services, we welcome your suggestions and questions!

Charging cables

Frequently asked questions about purchase, function, security, compatibility etc.

If you do not know which charging cable is right for your e-bike, go for it Charging cable viewfinder

The market is changing very fast, so it happens that your Ebike brand is not listed. No problem, most of the time we still have a suitable charging cable for you!

Is there already a cable for a Panasonic engine?

We have a suitable charging cable for most models with a Panasonic drive / battery! model flyer-1 can be found at:

Yamaha charging cable does not fit?

If the Yamaha charging cable does not fit right away, you should slightly backtrack the first time. That should be enough. It is also possible that dust or some dirt have collected at the plug entrance.

The connector has projections on 3 sides and no protrusion on the arrow side. See pictures.

Which guarantee / warranty is there?

Detailed information on warranty for bike-energy charging stations can be found here: Warranty.pdf

How do I protect the charging cable and e-bike from theft during charging?

There is a locking ring on each charging cable through which a lock can be passed. This protects the charging cable from theft.

The battery can remain locked on the bike during charging.

How does the charging station recognize the correct cable?

There is a data carrier in each charging cable (EEPROM) which provides the charging station with the identification.

The pin assignment of the connectors is also different.

Only when the correct battery is recognized by the charging station (voltage from the battery) is the voltage current switched on for charging.

If the voltage and current of the battery and charging station are not in the specified corridor, the system switches off.

Charging stations

Frequently asked questions about purchase, compatibility, installation and charging protocol.

Display is pressed inwards

It may happen that during transport the charger unit with the display, due to shock, from the anchorage dissolves.

But that is very easy to fix:

Open the charging station on the back (you have to do that for assembly and connection anyway) and snap the charger back into place - see illustration - done

Which guarantee / warranty is there?

Detailed information on warranty for bike-energy charging stations can be found here: Warranty.pdf and liability Statement

A full charge for an e-bike costs around € 0,30. That is why e-bike charging is free at most bike-energy charging stations.

The situation is different for e-cars: a full charge costs between € 10 and € 50. We offer one for e-car charging stations for the (semi) public area billing system

What requirements must be provided on site for a bike-energy charging station?

Almost none! All bike-energy Charging stations are delivered pre-assembled ready. An e-bike charging station must have an 230V connection cable and an 400V supply line at an electric car charging station.

In conjunction with the bottom plate (TOWER), the bike-energy Charging station can be easily detached. There are no foundation works, etc. necessary. Just plug it in and you're done!

Can I use the charging station myself?

To maintain the warranty, the charging station should be connected by an electrician / specialist. You can continue to operate the charging station yourself.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike?

A complete (0-100%) charge is usually not relevant in practice. Your e-bike will be at the bike-energy Charging station charged up to 2x faster than with the conventional home charger. In general, charge about 30% battery in 20 min.

Does the charging station switch off automatically when the battery is full?

Of course, the charging electronics recognize when the battery of your e-bike is full and switch off automatically.

Which e-bikes can be charged to bike-energy charging stations?

Basically, we have the right charging cable for all common types of e-bikes. A list can be found under the heading "Charging cables". Charging cables for new e-bike types are constantly being added to our product range.

Can I charge my e-bike in the rain?

All bike-energy Charging stations and the matching charging cables are completely weatherproof. You can recharge without any risk at every (rain, snow, ...) weather. Thus, there is no danger when it rains briefly and your e-bike hangs on a charging station.

Unfortunately, this does not work with the conventional (home) charger - they should not be used outdoors or in the rain.

Loading time examples

Bosch 42V 5A 500W charging time 2:21h

Impulse 2 42V 5,5A 500W charging time 2:08h

Stromer 2 54,6V 5A 500W charging time 1:48h

Stromer 2 54,6V 5A 700W charging time 2:32h

Bafang 50V 3A 500W charging time 3:18h

Is it possible to log the individual loading processes or read them from the charging station?

Yes. Each download is saved to an internal SD card. So the user numbers can be read out. The SD card is located in the Smart charger element under the protective cap.

A detailed procedure can be found here: SD card change.pdf

And here: Reading out the logfiles.pdf

Are bike-energy charging stations TÜV approved?

Yes, TÜV report and certificate can be viewed via this link.

bike-energy Charging stations are all CE compliant and ISO 9001 tested.

How can I open / attach the protective cap?

Instructions can be downloaded here: Fasten the protective cap.pdf

Charging is aborted suddenly.

Problem Description:

  • Charging process starts with connection setup (new cables)
  • Loading process usually stops after initialization before loading
  • Charging process stops after about 3 minutes

Voltage problem. The voltage on the charger has increased over 58V. This must be at the 60V input between 57V and 58V. About 58V symptoms occur.

Solution (be sure to have it checked by an electrician!):

57 - 58V against GND (at 60V IN)!

If the voltage is above 58V, please adjust / reduce at the power supply rotary potentiometer (+ V ADJ) !:
s. Mark.

Depending on the E-bike model and year, load bike-energy Charging the e-bike up to 2 x faster, as if it were loaded with the home charging adapter. The loading times are thus model and age dependent.

It is up to the operator whether it can be charged or charged for free. Since a full e-bike charge costs an average of € 0,04, charging is usually free of charge for the e-biker.

A billing system is optionally available via an app. Especially with ours E-car charging stations the solution is popular. Because a full charge for an electric car costs between 15 and 25 euros.

Basically, the charging stations are unlocked for all e-bikers. registration is not necessary.

However, it may be that the operator switches off the charging station via an extension (switchable by key or via app). In this case, you should ask the operator of the charging station.

A first version of one of the many desired bike-energy apps is already available in Google Play and the App Store. Just search for 'bike-energy' in the Play Store. The app is free.

Attention: The application is still under development - but we would be happy to receive your suggestions, ideas or a positive evaluation.

Charging stations accessories

Questions about the accessories for charging stations

If you want to extend one of your products - LINE or POINT - with a back plate, for example, is the pictured bicycle stand included with the order or delivery of the back panel?

Rear wall plate Point

No. The bike stand in the product image is just to show what other options there are to make your charging point as complete as possible.

The bike rack is available at Of course, the bike rack also fits to other LS models and rear wall panels.

Extensions for charging stations

Questions about the extensions for charging stations

How can a special foil be ordered?

When ordering in the shop, there is the option of ordering a special foil with your own logo and CI (corporate identity). To do this, select the 'Special Wrap' box and upload your images, colors and logo. We take care of the rest.

You will receive a design proposal from us and if you agree, your charging station will be foiled accordingly.

Is a special film also possible at a later date?

This is only possible if you send us the cover of the charging station with required pictures.

What is a USB port for?

With an extra USB port, your charging station becomes the universal charging point. So your guest can also conveniently charge the phone or camera while the e-bike or e-car is being charged.

Can a USB connection be retrofitted?

Unfortunately that is not possible. A USB connection can only be booked during the initial order of the charging station.


Questions about ordering, payment, delivery, (return) shipping etc.

How can I order?

You can order our products as follows:

  1. In our Online-Shop All the charging stations (with or without extensions), charging cables and accessories must be ordered
  2. Via phone: +43 (0) 6463 64091 We are happy to help!
  3. By e-mail: Please send us your request

Ordering process: What are the steps?

1. In the online shop: Products (Charging stations previously possibly configure with special equipment and branding) in the shopping cart => Checkout => Select payment method => Finalize order. You will receive an order confirmation and pro-forma invoice by email. We get the order confirmation. We will send you an official invoice. the goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

2. By phone / email: You will receive an order confirmation and invoice. Upon receipt of the goods will be shipped.

What payment options are there?

Orders in the shop can only be paid by cash in advance and Paypal. Paypal also allows payments by credit card. Who has no Paypal account: no problem, the service can also be used without logging into the system.

Orders by e-mail and telephone will only be processed with cash in advance.

What are the delivery times?

Charging cable: 2-3 working days and will be sent by mail.

Charging stations: up to 4 weeks. Depending on the equipment and possibly special foiling of the charging station. You will receive a message from us when the order is ready for dispatch. Since charging stations are usually sent by a forwarding agent, the delivery times are correspondingly longer.

An overview of the Shipping costs can be found here.

Return of a charging cable

If you have received the wrong charging cable, or if it is defective, you are welcome to send it back. You will receive a free return label from us (please send inquiries to

bike-energy charging stations

c / o Stranger Elektrotechnik GmbH
Ennspark 2
5541 Altenmarkt

Phone: + 43 (0) 6452 5253 - 0

Return of the charging station

In rare cases, damage to the charging station occurs during transport. In this case, the goods should be sent back to the above address on the Euro pallet supplied. Of course we take over the transport costs.

Nevertheless, we ask you to call us first or to write an e-mail.