E-mobility solutions for trade and commerce

Added value for customers and a better image for the business

An added value for your customers and employees

Surprise your customers with a state-of-the-art charging station! Offer your employees the opportunity to charge their e-bikes and electric cars! An investment that not only pays for itself in a very short time - above all, you will make a name for yourself and create real added value for customers, employees and visitors.

The placement of charging stations at the company site offers many advantages:

  • A better image: Your company contributes obviously to improving the environment
  • Health benefits for employees: More employees come to work by e-bike
  • Parking space relief
  • Pleasant for customers and business partners: charging during shopping or during a meeting

For a successful start in e-mobility, we recommend the following package for companies:

  1. Charging Station LINE for 3 e-bikes you can Special foliation
  2. Backplane with branding
  3. Galvanized bicycle stand
  4. Charging cable assortment with 10 cables for the most popular e-bike brands
  5. Protect 2 years (comprehensive software and update protection)

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