E-mobility concepts and solutions

bike-energy develops e-mobility concepts for different target audiences:

For regions and municipalities, hotels / gastronomy, commerce and for energy providers.


An entire region is connected to a charging network and it attracts to a wealthy audience

Well-known tourism destinations are often only known because of a well-known city, a nature park or because of a prominent event.

Unfortunately, smaller villages in the immediate surroundings benefit only marginally.

As these outlying communities become connected, local tourism is rapidly increasing. That was already the case with the development of winter sports tourism and this applies equally to summer tourism.

An efficient e-charging infrastructure allows guests to move further inland to explore the remote areas of the region.

bike-energy develops an e-charging infrastructure concept and helps to upgrade your region!

Hotels and restaurants offer added value for their customers

E-bikers appreciate regions with a high level of charging stations! Both new and existing guests are looking more than ever for regions, hotels or restaurants, with available charging stations to spend their holidays or stay there.

Charging stations on the company premises attract customers and open up new sources of revenue

Are you looking for a new, unique position? Something special for your customers and employees?

Charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes have been extremely well received. The attractiveness of the workplace is increased if a suitable charging station is offered for the e-bike. Customers and suppliers can charge their own electric vehicles when they visit your company and take the positive feeling of getting on with the e-bike or e-car by visiting your company.

E-mobility for energy providers

The energy market is changing: nuclear phaseout, less focus on fossil energy. Meanwhile, the green energy trend increases..

A green image is very important for energy companies today. Customers are more environmentally conscious and their decisions are based not only on prices, but also, the image of the provider plays a highly interesting role. Show your customers that you care about the environment.

Your benefits:

  • Extension of services offered
  • Green Image
  • energy and bike-energy: Just go well together!