E-mobility consulting

Benefit from the experience of many projects and thousands of charging points that we have already implemented throughout Europe!


In order to make the step towards e-mobility, it is necessary to gather experiences in the field of e-mobility. bike-energy has this experience. We've been in the business ince the start of the of the e-bike and e-car trend. We not only know the hurdles, but also the potential and the associated benefits.

E-Mobility Consulting: Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have many questions and that your decision depends, among other things, on economic and environmental aspects.

  • Is a single charging station worth it?
  • How long is technology up-to-date?
  • Are there any suitable subsidies?
  • How will the market develop?

These and many other questions need to be answered before making your decision.

Many years of experience in e-mobility

With over one hundred implemented infrastructure projects, bike-energy is the market leader in charging infrastructure for tourism regions, municipalities, businesses, etc. throughout Europe.

The most common problem for success is the multitude of providers and charging technology. There never was one open standard for charging e-bikes and e-cars. bike-energy has discovered and solved this problem, with the world's first open standard charging station. Now almost all e-bike and e-car brands can be charged, regardless of the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

E-charging infrastructure: Everything from one source

✔ Charging stations with open standard: For e-bikes of all makes and e-cars of all sizes bike-energy the charging solution ready.

✔ Location optimization: bike-energy checks potential locations for charging stations so that they can be found and used.

✔ Promotion Management: E-mobility subsidies are more than you think! We would be pleased to advise you on which promotions are the right ones for you and will handle them for you as well.

✔ Assembly and maintenance: bike-energy offers everything from one source; charging stations, charging cables, assembly, installation and maintenance of charging stations. We can even help you to promote your location!

Lectures and info events on e-mobility and e-charging infrastructure

Infrastructure is the key to success. It attracts people and influences the decision to E-bike or E-car. Together with you, we can hold an information event where interested parties and potential participants in the charging infrastructure can exchange views. Together, projects are implemented faster.

For interested parties in individual charging stations worth a detailed consultation also, because a future-oriented investment should also be implemented purposefully. Then it works too.

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