This is what our satisfied customers say:

Many customers from various industries already use the charging solutions from bike-energy.

Here is an excerpt from customer testimonials and references from the tourism, hotels & restaurants, energy, retail and commercial sectors.

“Our bike-energy charging station for e-bikes and e-cars in the city center delights all of our customers. While they are charging, guests can explore the city and enjoy all the possibilities in the pedestrian zone! "


Josef Maierhofer | City Council Bischofshofen

“Our customers are enthusiastic! The car charges up completely while shopping - that's called service! "

Marco Hornegger |

Customer voices from the gastronomy:

“Since we have the bike-energy charging station, we have seen a significant increase in the number of e-bikers. This is accompanied by a nice increase in sales and satisfied customers! "

Siegfried Rathgeb |

The added value for me: Only through advertising on the homepage and social networks, through signposts to the charging station and inclusion in the charging station directory of bike-energy, not only has the number of e-bikers coming to us increased, but the number of cyclists has also increased significantly . E-bikers from Salzburg who come to us due to the only charging station in Berchtesgaden are noticeable. Often you already have your own charging cable with you!

My customers can now stop in and relax. You know your bike will be reloaded and you will definitely come back home. The customer takes time to stop and also consumes more! His excursion range is much higher! Now nothing stands in the way of a day trip with the e-bike!  


Hansi Ebner |

Customer voices from tourism:

“The bike-energy charging stations are extremely important for positioning the Hochkönig region as an eMTB destination. With currently 18 charging stations, which are mainly located on our alpine pastures, guests can charge their eBikes on every eMTB tour in the entire Hochkönig region and thus come back safely to the starting point, regardless of which of the 3 places in the Hochkönig region they started from . This gives our guests absolute security and creates trust in what the region has to offer. As a result, we are gradually gaining new eMTB guests or pleasure and trend athletes in general. "

Christine Scharfetter |