bike-energy Charging cables: Handy, light and safe to use

Why carry the bulky and heavy home charger with you when it works without one too?

E-bike charging has never been so easy

Charging e-bikes is now very easy.
bike-energy allows e-bikers to charge their e-bikes easily and safely anywhere - at inns, mountain pastures, bars or in tourist regions. It is made possible by the innovative and intelligent charging cable in conjunction with bike-energy Charging stations.

Charge your e-bike easily, quickly and safely!

  • Rent / buy charging cables
  • Dock & charge the charging cable
  • Undock the charging cable & continue

The unique charging cable from bike-energy is handy and light-weight.
This makes longer journeys and reaching higher heights possible because of all of them bike-energy Charging stations can be charged. The charging cables are available for all common e-bike brands. You can often borrow them directly from the charging stations, from sports retailers or in our shop magazine.

Charging cable for Ebike
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bike-energy Charging cables are compatible with all common e-bike brands


Which charging cable do I need?

You have no idea which charging cable is the right one for you? No problem: look for your e-bike brand under 'My e-bike brand'. The possible motors/drive types then appear. A link to the appropriate charging cable will then appear in the shop for the respective drive.

My e bike brand

My drive / motor

The right charging cable

Is your brand, battery or drive not in the list?

The e-bike market is constantly on the move: there are always new e-bike brands and models with different drive types and batteries. bike-energy always stays up to date, but it may be that your brand or drive is not (yet) listed.

Fill out the form below and report your e-bike brand and drive or battery brand. You must also attach a picture of your bike/drive/battery. So we get all the necessary information.

We certainly have the right solution for you!

Can be read on the battery
Upload a picture of the charging socket of your charger and, if applicable, of your e-bike.

We can help you optimally if we have precise information about your e-bike. If possible, indicate the following in the comment field:
- Nominal voltage (can be read on the charger/battery)
- Amp hours (can be read on the battery; for permanently installed batteries in the instructions for use)
- Watt hours (can be read on the battery; for permanently installed batteries in the instructions for use)
- Charging current of the original charger (can be read on the charger)

The bike-energy charging cable can also be borrowed

You discover a charging station on the way and don't have your own charging cable with you? No problem: very often the operator has an assortment of suitable charging cables ready to borrow. Just follow the instructions on the charging cable finder (directly at the charging station) and get the right charging cable!

Charging cable cabinet at the LAdestation

At many charging stations, the operator has provided a selection of charging cables for visitors.

Charging cables

Frequently asked questions about purchase, function, security, compatibility etc.

If you do not know which charging cable is right for your e-bike, go for it Charging cable viewfinder

The market is changing very fast, so it happens that your Ebike brand is not listed. No problem, most of the time we still have a suitable charging cable for you!

Is there already a cable for a Panasonic engine?

We have a suitable charging cable for most models with a Panasonic drive / battery! model flyer-1 can be found at:

Yamaha-1 charging cable does not fit?

If the Yamaha-1 charging cable does not fit straight away, you should move back slightly the first time. That should be enough. It is also possible that dust or some dirt has collected at the connector inlet.

The connector has projections on 3 sides and no protrusion on the arrow side. See pictures.

Another suitable charging cable could Yamaha 2 be!

Which guarantee / warranty is there?

Detailed information on warranty for bike-energy charging stations can be found here: Warranty.pdf

How do I protect the charging cable and e-bike from theft during charging?

There is a locking ring on each charging cable through which a lock can be passed. This protects the charging cable from theft.

The battery can remain locked on the bike during charging.

How does the charging station recognize the correct cable?

There is a data carrier in each charging cable (EEPROM) which provides the charging station with the identification.

The pin assignment of the connectors is also different.

Only when the correct battery is recognized by the charging station (voltage from the battery) is the voltage current switched on for charging.

If the voltage and current of the battery and charging station are not in the specified corridor, the system switches off.

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